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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yessum!!! Laptop FIXED!!

yessum, totally fixed. It feels like i'm starting all over fresh. But its a pain!! I gotta reinstall all my programs i needed!! And not only that, i tried to connect to my wireless router and it took me such a frustrating forevers!! And then i finally got it!! yah!! I was totally worried for like 5 hours! Anihow, it seems like there is things wrong with my registry. But i hope i can get it fixed, soon. Well, i'm on Vacation from work this week! So hopefully it will still allow me to take more time to post more goodies for you guys.

Anihow, i just found Wang Lee Hom's single: "Man in the Mirror" a cover song of Micheal Jacksons popular song. Its got a chinese melody to it, so its like his very own, just the lyrics are copyrights of MJ. Anihow, will put that up tomorrow. I have a headache now just trying to get my laptop back to 'BEAUTIFULL'.

*sniff* All my music videos, music, dramas, paperwork, pictures are all gone!! *sniff*

edit: Take a look, love lee hom for his creative music!

more *sniffles*