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Monday, November 24, 2008

Love or Bread Drama

Joe and Ariels new drama. If you're a big fan hopefully you'll enjoy this upcoming drama as well. I know i can't wait. I'm into taiwan dramas than hmong and korean. I guess they are just much better to watch. Inside of the cancer, blindness, or grl dying away in most korean dramas, taiwan genres are much of everything. And hmong movies lately are just plain dumb, where the husband beats up the wife and its supposed to be hilarious. And it isn't.

But yeap, heres the url to watch episode one of Love or Bread.

Ib Zaug Ntxiv Trailer

Kollusion Pictures Presents
a Cher Peek Lee film.

AWWW...i heard this came out already back in 06 and my sister didn't bring it down for me. So I haven't watched it yet. but the trailer seems very nice.

Updated: Found another clip. Enjoy.

HTR "Thxob Quaj Ntxiv Lawm" MV

I've never heard of this group before, at least here. But my sister says they are very popular in fresno. Guess so..but enjoy this mv.

Ib Xyoos MV by htr and Kollusion pictures

I think this mv is pretty good. somewhat sad and moving. So don't cry.
I believe he cheated on his wife, and she found out.

Sheboygan New Year 08-09

Sheboygan Hmong New Year Celebration
November 28 - 30, 2008
Sheboygan North High School / Acuity Fieldhouse
1042 School Avenue, Sheboygan WI 53083
Contact Info: (920)458-0808

Minnesota Hmong New Year 2008-2009

November 28,29,30, 2008
River Centre
175 W. kellogg Blvd St. Paul, MN 55102
Contact: Shoua Chang
(651) 285-7892

Milwaukee Hmong New Year 2008-2009

December 13-14, 2008
Wisconsin Exposition Center
8200 W. Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI 53214
Contact: Milton Moua (414) 527-0301

As always, see you ppl there.

Dead Promise Book by Patch

Please help support;

A letter form Patch, the writer himself;

Hello everyone!

One of the greatest stories ever told will hit the world in 2009. It is titled, Dead Promise, based on an old hmong folk tale my father often told me.

Here are some upcoming events:

* Thursday, November 13th: I will be doing an open-book reading of Dead Promise. This is hosted by Nerds of Color (Thanks, NOC!). It is an early draft reading open to the public. Other talented local artists will be presenting samples of their work also.

Time: 7-8pm Location: Intermedia Arts (on Lyndale/28th Ave--Mpls, MN)

* Saturday, November 15th: UW-Madison. This event is hosted by Hmong National Development Association (Thank you, HND!). I will give a talk about the upcoming novel. Two other unique and talented artists/individuals will be giving talks also.

Time: 1-5pm Location: UW-Madison

Please spread the word. The goal is to sell one million copies and then pitch it to Hollywood for a major motion picture. With your support and help, I know anything is possible.

I'm taking pre-orders now. No payment info is required at this stage. All that is needed is name, quantity, and best method of contact. When the book is published and priced, I will ask for payment. Pre-orders before Jan. 30, 2009 will be autographed and will include a free gift! You will like the gift.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,

Patch Xiong

[INFO] MKMF Results - DBSK Takes 5 Awards

MKMF has been wrapped up and DBSK took home FIVE of the Awards including Best Album of the Year!!!

Among the awards won are:

1. MKMF Auction Best Style Award
2. MKMF Mobile Popularity Award
3. MKMF Auction Netizen's Choice Award
4. MKMF Overseas Viewer Award
5. MKMF BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Daesang for album)

Changmin cried! Some pictures of him crying below:

ahh...he's so cute.

Wonder Girls collaborate with Dynamic Duo for Anybody

The Dynamic Duo and The Wonder Girls are releasing a remix song to "Nobody" titled "Anybody." The song features Dynamic Duo, JYP, and a rapper named San E.The song is basically a rap by Dynamic Duo and San E. The Wonder Girls are barely in the song and only sing the chorus part.So the Wonder Girls collaborate with Dynamic Duo for Anybody.

Download Anybody (Wonder Girls Feat. Dynamic Duo, SAN E, J.Y. Park) mp3
[redid link]

Download: [song] Wonder Girls ft. DD- Anybody

Ayouduo- Sundrum & Nkauj Hmong Asia Perf

Ayouduo is a Miao Singer. Her songs are pretty good. You'll love this song. Its catchy but at the same time bit awkward.
BTW, Nkauj hmong Asi danced to this song at the 08-Oshkosh New Year(labor weekend). Their dance is pretty good.


okay this is all for now. I've been on here since forevers. Gotta go do some chores. Later gals and guys.

DBSK; Wrong Number MV

I lub this mv. They are just too hot!!!

The ROCK; hmong clips

Here's THE ROCK.
i think this is a pretty good mini movie.
Give props to the actors and camera man.
Kollusion Pictures Presents...

In the world of drugs greed takes all...

KUV COV NYIAJ; hmong clip

Hahah...another clip from ciajsiab's channel. I think this is just so cute. you'll be lYAO.

Soj Qab Taug Lw; hmong clip

SO here's another hmong clip. I'm not very interested in this one. I guess maybe just a bit because its inspired by true events. And if you're not hmong, then i guess you won't know the drama among hmong ppl. Yes theres a few tragic stories here and there. But for those of you. You probably won't enjoy this clip. Just watch it for the heck of it. Supposively it targets cheating couples.

Sornram knows how to talk Hmong!!

Here's sornram in fresno giving a concert. This interview is before the concert. I think its just fabolous that he came to the US and gave out concerts to even Hmong ppl. Too bad, i haven't seen him here in wisconsin.

More up on youtube buds. [first on hmongtv]

Nkauj Nyab - The Awaiting Bride

another hmong clip--
My bf is actually bringing this movie over tonight to watch it at my house. My sister watched it first and supposively its really good. I heard the producers are from milwaukee, WI. Where i am from. But yeap. Enjoy the clip.
Released This Month.

Hmong Ghost Movie Ob Niam Txiv Nyob Twj Cuab

Enjoy! Credits:
Cast: Pheng Yang, Pahoua Vang, & Dee Thao
Director: Cher Yang & Dee Thao
Editor: Pheng Yang & Cher Yang

Unofficial Ntuj Es Ntuj E mv;

In here is Dao Vwj and Pa Zuab Khab. Its a caijsiab ent.


hmong clip short movie;

The Stranger
Film synopsis: A Hmong man's life is changed forever after an encounter with a stranger.

A very good video clip. We need more movie producers like this one.
credits to: BIRDSEYEVUE (the producer)

Wiseguys Picture "Daim Duab"

New Action Hmong Drama/action film. Yia "The Bull" Mua, Dao Vue, and Houa "Jade" Lee stars in "Daim Duab".
Due to release Winter of 2008

---Can't wait to watch this movie. I think Yia's voice is actually scary. But who knows, the trailer seems really good. But the movie could be gay. But anyways i still wanna watch this.

Butterfly Lovers 2008 Movie (remake)

Starring: Wu Chun, Charlene Choi, Hu Ge
This is the latest adaptation of the famous 17th century Chinese love story. Legend has it that once there was a golden couple living in the celestial sky who committed one of the gravest mistakes and was sent to live in the mortal world below. As their punishment, they were to fall in love madly with each other over ten lifetimes, only to end in disaster every time.

---I can't wait to watch this movie. Its got all my favorite actors. Ahah. But hopefully this remake is better than the one with nick and charlie.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My new Favorite Luv; DBSk

So my new favorite luv;

Dong Bang Shin Ki--Mirotic 4th Album

Download full album here:

And then theres the repackaged album with 4 new songs.

02 . 사랑아 울지마 Download Here
06 . 소원 Download Here
10 . 사랑 안녕 사랑 Download Here
14 . Don't Say Goodbye Download Here

If you're a DBSK Fan you'll love this album. Trust Me.

Lao Family Community Hmong New Year 11.22-23.2008

I only went on Sat. and my goodness it was crowded but it was kinda boring too. Maybe because i was there just a little to early for it and my hun didn't get there till like i spent like two hours just walking around with my mom and doing some shopping. I guess you can say that's all that was too do. Walking around in those heels that was hurting me. I tried baring the pain but i guess that it just gets to you. Anyways, like usual I can't hide from getting something that i like i got three korean movies to watch. Humming, Baby and I; which i totally adore, and Virgin Snow; which i 've already seen on mysoju. But I just wanted to get my own copy. That movie just is...mysterious. BTW, didn't think i was going to attend the after party but i did. Its been like a year and so since me and my hun last attended one. So we decided to go for it. It was quite fun. I guess if you're a boring person, it wasn't worthwhile, but having friends and relatives there i guess you can make it way beyond your imagination. The guys like usual always acting goofy. Giggles here and there. ahahah...Yeah.

So here's a few clip from the New Year, while i stood waiting for General Vang Pao. Can you guess which one is me?

----------------Here's the after party; Amanda Vang's Concert

--------------------------------( Featuring Ntseeg Band)

Hope You enjoy the videos although i kept taking only clips. A grl gotta dance. So yeap, hope you all enjoy your weekend. I was tired and didn't feel like going to work in the next 5 hours i got home. But i'm okay. Even got the strength to come on the laptop and blog about this.