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Monday, November 24, 2008

Dead Promise Book by Patch

Please help support;

A letter form Patch, the writer himself;

Hello everyone!

One of the greatest stories ever told will hit the world in 2009. It is titled, Dead Promise, based on an old hmong folk tale my father often told me.

Here are some upcoming events:

* Thursday, November 13th: I will be doing an open-book reading of Dead Promise. This is hosted by Nerds of Color (Thanks, NOC!). It is an early draft reading open to the public. Other talented local artists will be presenting samples of their work also.

Time: 7-8pm Location: Intermedia Arts (on Lyndale/28th Ave--Mpls, MN)

* Saturday, November 15th: UW-Madison. This event is hosted by Hmong National Development Association (Thank you, HND!). I will give a talk about the upcoming novel. Two other unique and talented artists/individuals will be giving talks also.

Time: 1-5pm Location: UW-Madison

Please spread the word. The goal is to sell one million copies and then pitch it to Hollywood for a major motion picture. With your support and help, I know anything is possible.

I'm taking pre-orders now. No payment info is required at this stage. All that is needed is name, quantity, and best method of contact. When the book is published and priced, I will ask for payment. Pre-orders before Jan. 30, 2009 will be autographed and will include a free gift! You will like the gift.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,

Patch Xiong


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