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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lao Family Community Hmong New Year 11.22-23.2008

I only went on Sat. and my goodness it was crowded but it was kinda boring too. Maybe because i was there just a little to early for it and my hun didn't get there till like i spent like two hours just walking around with my mom and doing some shopping. I guess you can say that's all that was too do. Walking around in those heels that was hurting me. I tried baring the pain but i guess that it just gets to you. Anyways, like usual I can't hide from getting something that i like i got three korean movies to watch. Humming, Baby and I; which i totally adore, and Virgin Snow; which i 've already seen on mysoju. But I just wanted to get my own copy. That movie just is...mysterious. BTW, didn't think i was going to attend the after party but i did. Its been like a year and so since me and my hun last attended one. So we decided to go for it. It was quite fun. I guess if you're a boring person, it wasn't worthwhile, but having friends and relatives there i guess you can make it way beyond your imagination. The guys like usual always acting goofy. Giggles here and there. ahahah...Yeah.

So here's a few clip from the New Year, while i stood waiting for General Vang Pao. Can you guess which one is me?

----------------Here's the after party; Amanda Vang's Concert

--------------------------------( Featuring Ntseeg Band)

Hope You enjoy the videos although i kept taking only clips. A grl gotta dance. So yeap, hope you all enjoy your weekend. I was tired and didn't feel like going to work in the next 5 hours i got home. But i'm okay. Even got the strength to come on the laptop and blog about this.


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