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Monday, December 15, 2008

[ALBUM] Bugoy Drilon - Paano Na Kaya?

[ALBUM] Bugoy Drilon - Paano Na Kaya?

Download [HERE]

Release Date: November 2008
(i read somewhere that it was Nov. but again, not sure @_@)
Language: Tagalog
Genre: Ballad/Pop
Artist: Male

ok, another Filipino to try out...hehe...he's actually a new singer...he was in this Filipino show called Pinoy Dream Academy...for Season 2...i guess it's sorta like a singing competition too...cause yea, he won 2nd place...but anyways, this whole album is full of Tagalog songs...well, there's actually only 6 songs and then Tracks #7-12 are the instrumentals for those songs (or 'Minus One' as they're called in the Philippines)...but yea, i think Bugoy's voice is's kinda husky and soulful...hehe...the songs on here are of the ballad type but they're not bad...i esp. love the title song "Paano Na Kaya?"...

01 Paano Na Kaya?
02 Kung P'wede Lang Sana
03 Muli
04 Bakit Ba?
05 Simulan Mo Sa Isang Pangarap
06 Lahat Ng 'Yan
07 Paano Na Kaya? (Minus One)
08 Kung P'wede Lang Sana (Minus One)
09 Muli (Minus One)
10 Bakit Ba? (Minus One)
11 Simulan Mo Sa Isang Pangarap (Minus One)
12 Lahat Ng 'Yan (Minus One)


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