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Thursday, December 18, 2008

[ALBUM] Khalil Fong - Orange Moon

[ALBUM] Khalil Fong - Orange Moon

Download [HERE]

Yes i know this is so requested by you guys. Enjoy!! I know i am. Love khalil's voice. =D

Release: December 18 2008
Language: Mandarin
Artist: Male
Genre: Pop, R&B

01 Singalongsong
02 小小蟲 (Xiao Xiao Chong; Small Insect)
03 1234567
04 黑白 (Hei Bai; Black & White)
05 如果愛 (Ru Guo Ai; If Love)
06 黑洞裡 (Hei Dong Li; Inside The Black Hole)
07 三人游 (San Ren You; Three Person Tour)
08 每個人都會 (Mei Ge Ren Dou Hui; Everybody Will) (Song For Cartier 'Love Project')
09 100種表情 (100 Zhong Biao Qing; 100 Kinds Of Expression)
10 愛我吧 (Ai Wo Ba; Love Me)
11 為你寫的歌 (Wei Ni Xie De Ge; The Song Written For You)


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