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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

[ALBUM] Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S) Vol. 1 - People & People

[ALBUM] Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S) Vol. 1 - People & People

Download [HERE]

Release Date: December 16, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad/Pop
Artist: Male

omg, i almost forgot that he was coming out with a solo album!! V.O.S is soo awesome!! hehe xD...all of their voices are awesome...Kyung Rok's voice is deeper and huskier than the other's so lovely...hehe...but anyways, i could listen to him all day...LOL xD...most of the songs are ballads but some have a slight pop-ish flare to it =D

01 원하고 바라고 지우고.. (Wonhago Barago Jiugo..)
02 슬픈이야기 (Seulpeuniyagi)
03 사랑쟁이 (Sarangjaengi) (feat. MayBee)
04 이젠 남이야 (Ijen Namiya) (feat. Baby-J of Jewelry)
05 Never Say Goodbye
06 Joyful Joyful
07 떠나지마 (Tteonajima)
08 우리가 왜 그래요 (Uriga Wae Geuraeyo)
09 어떻게 (Eotteoke)
10 기분 좋아 (Gibun Joha)


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