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Friday, December 19, 2008

[ALBUM] Zhu Hao Ren - The REAL Zhun Hao Ren

[ALBUM] Zhu Hao Ren - The REAL Zhu Hao Ren

Album : The Real Hao Ren (真的.好人)
Artist : Zhu Hao Ren (朱浩仁)
Release : 12 December 2008
Language : Mandarin

This album was recommended by a friend. So I thought i'd give it a try and post it here for you guys too. Enjoy!

Download [HERE]

Track List:
01.好人的歌 (Hao Ren De Ge)
02.舞道 (Wu Dao)
03.巧克力 (Qiao Ke Li)
04.小流星 (Xiao Liu Xing)
05.剪 (Jian)
06.Nobody Knows
07.相信 (Xiang Xin)
08.世事如棋 (Shi Shi Ru Qi)


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