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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Connected 2008 DVD [Chinese Movies]

This movie stars Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu. So I wanna watch this too. So i'm guessing i Should Make a list of all the newbies i wanna enjoy this year. Ahah. =D

It's Hong Kong's turn to borrow from Hollywood. Director Benny Chan (Invisible Target) adapts the 2004 Hollywood film Cellular for Asian audiences with Connected, an entertaining and suspenseful thrill ride that proved popular with audiences during its 2008 theatrical release. Hong Kong's Louis Koo (Rob-B-Hood) stars as the everyman hero played in the Hollywood version by Chris Evans, and the filmmakers have added a romantic subplot by casting Taiwan's Barbie Xu (Meteor Garden) in the role originated by the older Kim Basinger. As the film's black-clad villain, Mainland actor Liu Ye (Blood Brothers) exudes over-the-top, entertaining menace. Rounding out the cast are Nick Cheung (Exiled) as a stalwart traffic cop, with Louis Fan (The Moss), Eddie Cheung (Election), TVB actor Wong Cho Lam and model Ankie Beilke in key supporting roles.
All it takes is one phone call to save a life. Kidnapped by a group of threatening men led by a mysterious mastermind (Liu Ye), engineer Grace Wong (Barbie Xu) is locked in a tool shed with a broken analog phone, which she repairs just enough to make an outgoing phone call. She's able to make a connection with a mobile phone belonging to Bob (Louis Koo), a harried debt collector who's hurrying to the airport to see off his estranged son. Bob is skeptical of Grace's plea for help, and a passing traffic cop (Nick Cheung) dismisses the call as a prank. But something in Bob's instincts tells him that she's speaking the truth, and he rushes to find Grace's young daughter, only to witness her being kidnapped by the unknown villains. Soon Bob is embroiled in a pulse-pounding race against all odds, with time running out and his mobile phone's battery running down. Can this irresponsible divorced father with a dead-end future become a hero and save the lives of those who depend on him?


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