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Friday, December 12, 2008

=/ Internet Explorer is giving me difficulties.

=/ Internet Explorer is giving me difficulties. Maybe because i'm trying to upload so many things and keep putting tabs on all these pages to get to where i need to go. Buttah, yeah, that's all for maybe today.
I guess if I have time to be on the net later, I'll post up more music. I know, its ga-hey. And for those that been coming on everyday to see some new-bies, i'm sorry. But do enjoy, Fahrenheit and LeeHoms' singles. I know I am. But yeap, I'm hoping since I have off for the weekend, I can spare some time to post up more.
We'll c. And if I don't well, enjoy your weekend. I'll be back Monday for sure.

Schedule for this weekend [w/out work]:
Sat: Go and hopefully enjoy the hmong new year in Milwaukee.
Maybe even go and enjoy the party??? =|
Sun: Go x-mas shopping on an empty wallet? Gotta. =P

Have a Happy Weekend. Be safe and Warm!! =D


mslovelylia said...

ah yah, i'm just trying to make this blog better for everyone. I know i disabled the comments on this blog. But now everyone can comment. Good or bad, everyone can now leave their opinions and comment good or bad. =D

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