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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[MINI ALBUM] G.E.M. Tang - G.E.M.

[MINI ALBUM] G.E.M. Tang - G.E.M.

Download [HERE]

Release Date: October 15, 2008
Language: Chinese
Genre: R&B/Pop/Ballad
Artist: Female

i snagged this because a lot of people recommended her...and i agree!! hehe...her songs are great and her voice is very lovely...she's only 17 years old but so totally doesn't sound like it...she reminds me of Zhang Li Yin...btw, SM needs to promote her more...i want more Li Yin!! haha =P...anyways, G.E.M. is a new singer so this is her debut...she's from Hong Kong... =D

Besides, I noticed i need to upload more chinese music. I believe this is the first out of the others. ahah. =D

{BTW: ♥ Are My Favorites.}

01 等一個他 (Dang Yat Goh Ta; Waiting For Him)
02 Where Did U Go ♥
03 回憶的沙漏 (國) (Hui Yi De Sha Lou; Memories Of The Hourglass) (Mandarin)
04 愛現在的我 (國) (Ai Xian Zai De Wo; Love The Present Me) (Mandarin)
05 睡公主 (Sui Gung Jue; Sleeping Princess)♥


Anonymous said...

hi is it possible for you to seperate the songs for download because i cant use rar please it would be kind of you =)

Anonymous said...

omg finally found it !!
thank you so much ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you~ I searched this over and over to get the download link. Thank you~~~!!! xDDD

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