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Thursday, December 11, 2008

[OST- Not official] Romantic Princess

[OST- Not Official, Its only a collaboration] Romantic Princess


1. 不想懂得- Angela Zhang
2. Le-Yuan 樂園(Paradise) - Angela Zhang
3. Neng-Bu-Neng-Yong-Gan-Shuo-Ai 能不能勇敢說愛 (Can you bravely say love)
4. Wo-Lian-Ai-Le 我戀愛了(I’m in love) - Angela Zhang
5. 不想懂得 (鋼琴弦樂演奏版) (’Bu Xiang Dong De’ piano version)
6. 新窝 - s.h.e 飞轮海
7. 樂園 (華爾滋弦樂演奏版) (’Le Yuan’ waltz version)
8. Over The Rainbow - Angela Zhang

{note}: Another one of my Faves. Wu Chun is so handsome. Love his real tatoo. Sexy!! =D


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