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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[PV] Tohoshinki - Bolero

[PV] Tohoshinki - Bolero

Download [HERE]

Language: Japanese
Genre: Ballad
Artist: Male Group

Ahh I love this song so much. These guys never disappoint me, lol. They're voices and the way they harmonize is amazing. My favorite part of this song, is the bridge ♥. Yoochun, does another one of those high notes <3 like in the korean version of 'Love in the ice', another one of my favorite songs, hehe. Oh, and this song is for a Japanese movie called Subaru, and I think they make a cameo in the movie. Subaru is originally an anime, read more about it HERE. Anyways, the video is really nice too, it sets the right kind of mood for this type of song, lol. And the guys look hot/amazing as always! Enjoy the video =D


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