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Thursday, January 15, 2009

[ALBUM] Danson Tang

[ALBUM] Danson Tang


Release Date : Jan 16, 2009
Language : Mandarin
Genre: Pop
Artist: Male

(Capped from Yesasia)Descriptions :
Danson Tang has been rising quickly in popularity thanks to his starring roles in a series of hit idol dramas like Rolling Love, They Kiss Again, The X Family, and Hanazakarino Kimitachihe. Avex Taiwan signed Danson in 2007, planning to turn him into the next superstar, and his debut album Love Me actually exceeded expectations with favorable reception from fans in all the Chinese-speaking regions.

The resounding success of the first album allows Danson to experiment a little with the follow-up. In this new album, the handsome actor/singer incorporates elements of street dance and kung fu in the first plug "Intelligence", an electronic dance number with an espionage theme.

Tracklist :
01. Kiss Me Now
02. 一言为定
03. 新歌
04. 告诉我
05. 舍不得放手
06. 传话游戏
07. 绝无仅有
08. 不能不想她
09. 最温柔的悬念
10. 情报


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