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Thursday, January 1, 2009

[ALBUM] Fahrenheit - Loving You More and More

Album: Loving You More And More (越来越爱)
Artist: Fahrenheit (飞轮海)
Release: January 02, 2009
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop

i think they have definitely approved! at least you can hear them a bit harmonizing together. it would be great for them to get as good as DBSK. but they still have much more work to do. hope you all like this album! i do. enjoy!! =D

Download [HERE]

Track List:
01. 動脈 (Dong Mai)
02. 越來越愛 (Yue Lai Yue Ai)
03. 寂寞暴走 (Ji Mo Bao Zou)
04. 恆星 (Heng Xing)
05. 默默 (Mo Mo)
06. 最佳聽眾 (Zui Jia Ting Zhong)
07. 留下來 (Liu Xia Lai)
08. 孤單摩天輪 (Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun)
09. 雨是眼淚 (Yu Shi Yan Lei)
10. 你應該被珍惜 (Ni Ying Gai Bei Zhen Xi)


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