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Thursday, January 15, 2009

[MINI ALBUM + PV] Taegoon - Call Me

[MINI ALBUM] Taegoon - Call Me


Release Date: January 15, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance/Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Artist: Male

new artist!! was waiting for this ever since the preview of his MV...all of the songs are quite catchy/dance type songs with a bit of R&B-ish in some of them...not bad overall...and although it's not listed, i believe H-Eugene is featured in Track 6 too...he spells his name out in the song...hehe =P...i think he's also in the "My Girl" song...sounds like him...haha...
(EDIT: people have been saying that he's like a Rain/Se7en/Jonghyun (SHINee) mix...LOL =P...and i kinda agree...his voice sounds like Rain sometimes and he def. looks like he could be Jonghyun's hyung or something...he looks a bit like Yoochun (TVXQ) to me too... =P...what do you guys think?? hehe..

1. Intro
2. Call Me [Watch MV]
3. One Two Step
4. My Girl
5. 난 그녈 알아 (Nan Geunyeol Ara; I Understand You) (feat. H-Eugene)
6. Hands Up


[MV] Taegoon - Call Me (Starring Hero Jaejoong & Park Shin Hye)


Language: Korean
Genre: Dance/Pop
Artist: Male

i know that some of you were waiting for the whole MV to come out...and yes, Hero from TVXQ stars in this video along with actress Park Shin Hye from Goong S...Taegoon and Hero were childhood friends and still good friends...Hero's not in it a lot but he's looking great as always...but violence is not the way Jae!! =P...i'd say it's Shin Hye's fault...trying to be with Jae and Tae (haha xD) at the same time...and i must say, Taegoon seems promising...he can dance and his voice is quite nice...he's also has the looks...he probably would've done well even if Hero wasn't in the MV...but it certainly does help!! =P...and i have a feel that the dance in the chorus will be quite catchy too...hehe =D...the Intro from the mini album is also included in the MV...and the ending is one of those ambiguous ones... =\...up to your imagination of what happened...haha =P


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