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Thursday, January 15, 2009

[OST] Boys Over Flower (complete)

[OST] Boys Over Flower (complete)


Various Artists → Boys Before Flowers OST
Release Date: January 08, 2009
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B
Language: Korean

Okay you all, I said I was going to upload the full OST when it comes out and Opps, it already have eight days ago! Sorry! I'm eight days late. But watever, for you fans, enjoy!! =D

01. Paradise - T-Max
02. My Thoughts Are Bad - SS501
03. Do You Know - Someday
04. Stand By Me - SHINee
05. Lucky - Ashily
06. Starlight Tears - Kim Yoo Kyung
07. A Little - Suh Ji Young
08. One More Time - Tree Bicycles
09. I Know (Saxophone Instr.)
10. Dance With Me (Instr.)
11. Blue Flower (Instr.)
12. So Sad (Instr.)
13. Opening Title -T-Max

(captions from YESASIA)
After inspiring an anime series, hit TV dramas in Taiwan and Japan, and a blockbuster movie, Kamio Yoko's immensely popular romance manga Hana Yori Dango comes to Korean television with sky-high buzz. MBC's highly anticipated Boys Over Flowers spins the modern-day Cinderella tale of a poor, but spunky schoolgirl at an exclusive academy who attracts the interests of the four ultra-rich and ultra-handsome princes of the school known as F4. Ku Hye Sun from The Strongest Chil Woo and The King and I stars as the tough-cookie heroine of the drama. As for the male leads, meet Korea's F4: idol heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong from boy band SS501, Lee Min Ho from school dramas I Am Sam and Mackerel Run, rising star Kim Bum (East of Eden), and Kim Joon of pop group T-Max.

With two boy band members in starring roles in the drama, it's no surprise that the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack also has a strong boy band presence. The underrated T-Max sing the drama's uptempo main theme Paradise, and SS501 croons the catchy ending theme "I Am Stupid" which has turned into an immediate hit. SHINee chimes in with the light, mid-tempo Stand By Me, Kim Bum's theme in the drama, and rookie R&B boy band Someday makes a splash with the F4 ballad theme "Do You Know?". The soundtrack also features songs from Seo Ji Young, Kim Yu Kyung, Ashily, and Tree Bicycle. -Yesasia


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