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Thursday, January 1, 2009

[PV] Seung Ri - Strong Baby + Freebies (gif)

[PV] Seung Ri - Strong Baby


Language: Korean
Genre: Dance/Hip-Hop
Artist: Male

OMG! Totally spazzing out here! haha. Baby from Big Bang is all grown up! *sniff sniff* LOL. This is Seungri's solo from Big Bang's 2nd Album, posted in the November Archive I believe. It features Leader GD, and I really love this song. I had heard about what the video was going to be like and wow~!!! haha. It reminds me of a Justin Timberlake video, who is Seungri's idol, so yeah I can see why it looks like a JT video. Anyways, this video shows a more mature side of Seungri aka Victory aka VI, lol. The leading lady in this video may look familiar to you all, because it's the same girl from their 'Last Farewell' video. And man how lucky is she to be all over Seungri, haha. It looks like Seungri has been working out, too. They show him with his shirt open and Baby has grown some nice looking abs!! haha. I also like that little dance for that 'CRACK CRACK CRACK' part, lol. It's really simple =D Anyways, don't want to spoil it, you're just going to have to download to watch! ENJOY!! ^^

-Please Leave comments if you do take them!! And please don't drool! XD

credits: HQBB


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot~! I have been finding seungri's gif.. ^^

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