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Sunday, January 25, 2009

[Update] Pandora TV Issue Awards

Yah!! Remember me posting up an info to vote for DBSK and you're favorite artists!? Welps heres an update to that!--->

1st Place: DBSK/TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI w/8,139,131 Votes
2nd Place: SNSD/Girls Generation w/6,007,632 Votes
3rd Place: Super Junior w/4,710,159 Votes
4th Place: Big Bang w/3,595,128 Votes
5th Place: Wonder Girls w/2,422,733 Votes
6th Place: FT Island
7th Place: [forgot her name]
8th Place: Son Dam Bi
9th: Lee Hyori
10th: SS501
11th: Brown Eyed Girls
12th: The Grace
13th: Boa
14th: Shinee
15th: Jewelry

Visit: For more winners

I knew DBSK was going to win, but however, I also thought Big Bang would come in like 2nd Runner Up or Something. Well its all good, i guess. What also supprised me is 2PM was in 20th place. Wheres the fans for 2pm? Hmm. Oh wells. Their newbies. I feel glad that Shinee made it up there pretty well. Their almost up to their hyungs. =D


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