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Sunday, February 15, 2009

[ALBUM] Fly To The Sky Vol. 8 - Decennium

[ALBUM] Fly To The Sky Vol. 8 - Decennium


Totally miss these guys, and here in the full album it's so sweet...anihow, hope you all enjoy this for the meanwhile... i know i am. =X

01 Decennium
02 구속 (Gusok; Arrest)
03 Close To You (feat. Dynamic Duo)
04 가버려 너 (Gabeoryeo Neo; Leave, You)
05 Good Girl
06 Song For You
07 즐겨 찾기 (Jeulgyeo Chatgi; Looking For Enjoyment) (feat. Leessang 'Garry')
08 술 (Sul; Alcohol)
09 마지막 기도 (Majimak Gido; Last Prayer)
10 사랑이겠지 (Sarangigetji; It Must Be Love)
11 눈물아 미안해 (Nunmura Mianhae; Sorry Tears)
12 온음표 (Oneumpyo; A Whole Note)


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