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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Guys!!

Hi guys,
sorry for the lack of updates for aaa--a week now.. I've been busy trying to be more of a nerd on my laptop. I've also been catching up with Boys Over Flower's newest episode too. Have you? Well, besides that, I've been hooked up on We Got Married Episodes with HwangBo and Kim Hyun Joong. They're my favorite couple on TV. Too bad, there was much of sweet moments, but there were tons of funny ones. So yea, it was sad to see both of them leave at the end. It tore my heart!! But aniways, Hyun Joong was getting more tired and stressed out at the end, due to BOF preparations. And thank god, it's making a huge success. Anihow, i found a wordpress blog, that contains these raw episodes and free fansubs. Although these are softsubs, i've been hooked. I was trying to get these dL. And then see if I can put them onto a cd. But however, i think i need some tutorials from ppl online. So i guess thats all for now. Sorry about the blabas. I'm blabbing too much. But however, i think you all forgot about me eniways. Oh yeah. thanks to Shimbi for much of the uploads lately. I've been to busy. ans besides i have a cold. I can't seem to chase my nose lately. Anihow, Enjoy!! And comment!! I miss you all!!


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