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Monday, February 16, 2009

[KOREAN DRAMA] Boys Over Flower Review

So since the airing of BOF i've been watching it online, such as viikii or mysoju, and i must say, this korean version is so much better than the taiwanese. Although the taiwanese was the love of all dramas, i must say this korean drama is more up to script than any other re-make drama i've seen. Anihow, it really suks to be living in the US and not quite understanding the korean language as fluent as i wish i could, i'm totally so into this drama. I dunno if any of you are fans, but you've realli gotta watch it. I mean, the girl is kind of a casual girl, but the boys who play the roles of F4 are totally hot!! They just have it!! I like all 4, but i'm realli starting to play more attention to SS501's member, Kim Hyeon-jung, and newcomer Kim Beom...they are just too cute. Anihow, realli like the episodes so far, and the episodes that aired today was somewhat okay. It disappointed me when Goo Ju Pyo gave Guem Jan Di the cold look and went away. I'm pretty sure he's just trying to avoid any causes that may distract him from what he has planned. I know that meanwhile, jan di is going through hardships and not knowing what to do, Jihoo will be Her guiding light. So right now, i'm cheering for jihoo and jandi, but who knows what will happen, he was her first love and she learned to let him go...iono, i just really wish i didn't have to wait till tomorrow to know more. anyhow, enough blabbering. ahhah. more music and goodies for you all right?? =P


sawah said...

i love hyun jung and kimbum tooo!!!!!
kyaaaaaa o(>__<)o

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