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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Mini Album] F.T. Island - Jump Up

[Mini Album] F.T. Island - Jump Up


Release Date: Feb. 17th, 2009
Genre: Kpop-rock / ballad
Language: Korean
Artist: Male group

What to do? this is a leaked out album from FT Island. I know some of you can wait till next week, but anyhow, please do support them and buy the album!! I know i am. I totally love this album, even though no more won bin... anyhow, enjoy. This might only be on for awhiles. I know its been forevers since i last upload anything onto so pleasse bear with me. I'm planning on getting a new laptop and giving this one to my brother. I just love gadgets!! But however while i'm writing this, mediafire can be so slow @ uploading.

01. Nappeun yeojaya (Bad Woman)
02. Inhyeong cheoreom (Like a Doll)
03. Mabeop (Magic)
04. Missing You
05. Geudaewa nah (You and I)
06. Eojjeoran mariya (What Can I Do)


Anonymous said...

thanks! love ft island!

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