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Sunday, March 29, 2009

[ALBUM + PV] Epik High Vol. 6 - Map The Soul

[ALBUM] Epik High Vol. 6 - Map The Soul

Release Date: March 27, 2009
Language: Korean/English
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Artist: Male Group

Well, decided not to upload this one. Many of us, have decided that it is best for everyone to support Epik High and their decisions to gone solo for all of us. And I agree. Since they are no longer with a solo without a record company, we should all pitch in and show our love. Order your very own copy through their website:

This also allow you to buy a book and their cd for $19 or dl it on itunes for $9. Let's show some love and order yours today! Mines is coming in!!

01 Believe
02 Cipher (feat. Beatbox DG)
03 Map the Soul (feat. MYK) [Watch MV]
04 Customer Service (Skit)
05 Top Gun
06 Scenario (피해망상 Pt. 2) (feat. MYK)
07 London
08 Free Music (Tablo And MYK)
09 Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) (feat. Tablo, MYK & Kero One)
10 8 By 8, Pt. 2 (feat. MYK, Minos, Paloalto, The Quiett, Verbal Jint, Kebee, E-Sens & Simon Dominic)


[PV] Epik High - Map the Soul MV

Download [HERE]


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