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Saturday, March 21, 2009

[ALBUM] Ji Jia Song - Blue J

[ALBUM] Ji Jia Song - Blue J

Release Date: March 6, 2009
Language: Chinese/English
Genre: Pop/R&B/Ballad
Artist: Male

Download [HERE]

he's a new singer...this is his debut album but he has written many songs for other singers like F4 (煙火的季節/Ask For More), Andy Lau (I Miss You) , Wilber Pan (玩酷/街頭詩人/光榮/完美故事) , Vanness Wu (尋找茱麗葉) , Vic Chou (Just For You) , Energy (最後的樂園/YEAH), Elva Hsiao, etc...he is also a member of the group "PAN@SONIC" formed by Wilber Pan and a regular music producer of Wilber's albums...he wrote all the songs on this album as well...but yea, if you like give him a try!! not bad at all... =D


CD 1
01 水潑落地難收回2009 (Shui Po Luo Di Nan Shou Hui 2009)
02 每天 (Mei Tian; Every Day)
03 OK不OK (OK Bu OK; OK Not OK)
04 隨身幸褔 (Sui Shen Xing Fu; Accompanied Happiness)
05 最後的晚餐 (Zui Hou De Wan Can; The Last Supper) [English Version]
06 同一個遺憾 - 潘瑋柏+ 紀佳松 (Tong Yi Ge Yi Han; Same Regret - Wilber Pan + Ji Jia Song)
07 一人樂隊 (Yi Ren Yue Dui; One Man Band)
08 白黑 (Bai Hei; White & Black)
09 一點一點 (Yi Dian Yi Dian; Bit By Bit)
10 衛星 (Wei Xing; Satellite)

CD 2 (Bonus Demo CD)
01 I Miss You (Original Singer : Andy Lau)
02 Ask For More (Original Singer : F4)
03 尋找茱麗葉 (Original Singer : Vanness Wu) [Searching For Juliet]
04 煙火的季節 (Original Singer : F4) [Season Of Fireworks]


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