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Saturday, April 4, 2009

BOF Finale

BOF finale was okay. It was just too bad that they weren't able to provide more episodes, however the manga owner wouldn't let them. I'm going to miss anticipating mondays and tuesdays now. However, if they were able to stretch out the ending into possibly one more episode, i think then, it would of been perfect. But the ending was just too fast. I wanted to see more of a Ga Eul and Yi Jung pair. Possibly even more of just a 'welcome back,' maybe a 'will you be mine?' from Yi Jung to Ga Eul....and then possibly a girl for Woobin. But i do think however the production company did a good job. The finale lacked a few things, but however, it was a happy ending for everyone, right?? That's all that realli matters. Everyone ended with a happy smile. And Goo Junpyo and Jandi are finally together.

Thanks to the production crew, and managers who worked hard on this Boys Over Flower.
I really loved it than Meteor Garden. =D


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