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Thursday, April 16, 2009

[SINGLE] 2PM - 2:00PM Time For Change

[SINGLE] 2PM - 2:00PM Time For Change

Release Date: April 16, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/R&B/Dance
Artist: Male Group

Download [HERE]

Finally they are back! But i've really been waiting for an album or something!! I want to see more of these boys and listen to more of their awesome singing!! But its okay, a lilo at a time makes perfection!!! Anihow, still waiting to get the PV of Again and Again. I couldn't get it at this moment. So bear with me and i'll post it when i do. Promise!!
Enjoy!! =D

01 What Time Is It Now
02 Again & Again
03 니가 밉다 (Niga Mipda; Hate You)
04 돌아올지도 몰라 (Doraoljido Molla; Might Be)
05 Again & Again (R&B Mix)
06 Again & Again (Inst.)
07 니가 밉다 (Niga Mipda; Hate You) (Inst.)
08 돌아올지도 몰라 (Doraoljido Molla; Might Be) (Inst.)


kori-ya said...

thanks so much for sharing, love them! <3

loves2dance said...

i just discovered your blog, and i must say how grateful i am to have come across it! thank you for all your uploads! is it ok if i favorite this site?

2PM is love :)

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