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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[DIGITAL SINGLE + 2 Vers. PV] 2NE1 - Fire


Release Date: May 6, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Hip-Hop/Reggae
Artist: Female Group

Download [HERE]

Loving this group. They are like....fresh and funky!! =D

01 Fire


Fire (Space Version)

Download [HERE]

Fire (Street Version)

Download [HERE]

Special Thanks to Shimbi for uploads! =D


missy v said...

i love them especially minji she dances so good o__o
GD is so funny in the mv i culdnt stop laughing lol
i can see a whole lot of potential n popularity coming for them ^^

kori-ya said...

Thanks so much for sharing! ^^

Wndy said...

Thank you for sharring! They are awesome, and they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time you spent in uploading these videos. Many people like me appreciates these so much. Hope you'll have more posts in the future. More power to your blog!

Would you mind if I have requests? Can you upload Wonder Girls' music video "So Hot" and "Nobody" in High Definition (Clean DVD Version). Please. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

hi 2ne1 im ur biggest fan more power and please add more songs and most of all i love u cl and my baby sister love bom we love u 222222222nnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee11111111111

Anonymous said...

i have a qoestion for you 2ne1 do you have a member named goo hye sun?

Anonymous said...

hi dara im your biggest fan I REALLY LOVE IN OR OUT

Anonymous said...

hi 2ne1

Anonymous said...

hi 2ne1 ihope u visit philippines.

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