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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey Guys!!

Okay, I'm really sorry, that I haven't been around much to update. But here you go, with 2 pages of goodies! Gosh, it felt like more! Ahah. I'm extremely tired now!! My eye bags have gone completely black!! So I'm going to bed now. No Complaints please!!

Oh, and if there are any problems with the links, please shout it out on the shoutbox. I've just recently saw comments about some errors, which were like back in May. I'm sorry. My, My. I've been realli trying to hurry. I've been on this laptop all day. I even had use some of Shimbi's links. But hopefully she doesn't mind right? Its all sharing for you guys! Aniways, i'm still very sorry. Its hard to keep up now a days, you know, i'm the only one here right?! Ahem, i'm tired!

Drop a Hi!!!

Enjoy the Goodies!!

I'll be back tomorrow, with possibly a new layout. We'll see. X|


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