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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[SINGLE + PV] Brand New Day - Mascara

[SINGLE] Brand New Day - Mascara

Released: June 16, 2009
Language: Korean
Genres: K-pop, Dance
Artist: Female Group

Download [HERE]

Brand New Day, is a new group but have been on the road a while back these couple of months. They are good singers, esp. with ballads but this time they went for more tempo beats. Anihow, if you all were here then, when they debuted was when Girls Generation came out with Gee, and they were supposed to be competitors. Some thought they were going to out beat SNSD, but they didn't. But they do have potential. I really like their ballads too, and they did sang a song for the BOF OST. So, yeah, enjoy!!

01 외출
02 마스카라
03 외출 (Instrumental)
04 마스카라 (Instrumental)


[PV] Brand New Day - Mascara

Download [HERE 01][HERE 02]



Anonymous said...

i loves BND so much esp. on their ballad song for BOF..good luck to BND!!

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