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Sunday, November 8, 2009

[MINI ALBUM] Hwanhee - H Soul

[MINI ALBUM] Hwanhee - H Soul

Release Date: October 22, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance/R&B/Ballad
Artist: Male

Hwanhee/Fany (former member of the group Fly To The Sky) is back with his first solo mini album...i'm so saddened by the fact that FTTS aren't together anymore but at least they're continuing on as solo artists...Brian is also working on something right now so can't wait for that too...anyways, this mini album is a good mix of genres...Hwanhee wanted to do more upbeat songs and that's evident with his title song "Because I Missed Your Heart" and "Getting Down"...then he still has his R&B/ballads like "Bring It Back" and "Everyday" ...the man still has it!! hehe...can't wait to see the MV... =D

Download [HERE]

01 심장을 놓쳐서 (Shimjangeul Nochyeoseo; Because I Missed Your Heart)
02 Bring It Back
03 늦은 고백 (Neujeun Gobaek; Late Confession)
04 Getting Down
05 내 이별의 시간은 거꾸로 간다 (Nae Ibyeorui Shiganeun Geokkuro Ganda; The Curious Case Of Our Breakup)
06 Everyday
07 심장을 놓쳐서 (Shimjangeul Nochyeoseo; Because I Missed Your Heart) (Inst.)


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