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Sunday, November 8, 2009

[OST + MV] Various Artists - You Are Beautiful OST

[OST] Various Artists - You Are Beautiful OST

Release Date: October 14, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Various
Artist: Various

This is a must watch for Hongki's (Ft. Island) Fans, Park Shin Hye's Fans, Jang Guem Suk's Fan and Newbie Jung Yong Hwa's Fan. It Is A Must. I totally adore this drama and not only that Park Shin Hye Is a great actress. Not to mention this is a music drama. So you get to see A.N.JELL Perform and love the on-screen relationship of PSH And JGS. =D

Download [HERE]

01 여전히 (Yeojeonhi; Still/As Ever) - Lee Hong Ki
02 하늘에서 내려와 (Haneureseo Naeryeowa; Descend From The Sky) - Miss $ (feat. Oh Won Bin)
03 말도 없이 (Maldo Eobshi; Without Saying) - 9TH STREET
04 Lovely Day - Park Shin Hye
05 약속 (Yakosok; Promise) - Lee Hong Ki (feat. Jung Yong Hwa)
06 가슴이 욕해 (Gaseumi Yokhae; My Heart's Calling) - Kim Dong Wook
07 말도 없이 (Maldo Eobshi; Without Saying) - Park Shin Hye
08 여전히 (Yeojeonhi; Still/As Ever) - A.N.JELL
09 약속 (Yakosok; Promise) - A.N.JELL
10 말도 없이 (Maldo Eobshi; Without Saying) (Piano Ver.) - Han Seung Hun
11 여전히 (Yeojeonhi; Still/As Ever) (Bossa Ver.) - Kim Jae Yang


[MV] Lee Hong Ki - As Ever (Still) (You Are Beautiful OST)

Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Rock
Artist: Male

Download [HERE]


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