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Sunday, November 8, 2009

[SINGLE + PV] BIG BANG - Let Me Hear Your Voice (Koe Wo Kikasete)

[SINGLE ] BIG BANG - Let Me Hear Your Voice (Koe Wo Kikasete)

Release Date: Nov. 4, 2009
Genre: jpop /dance / rnb
Language: Japanese
Artist: Male Group

Download [HERE]

01 - Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me hear your Voice)
02 - ORA Yeah!
03 - Koe Wo Kikasete -acoustic version-


[PV] BIG BANG - Let Me Hear Your Voice

Langauge: Japanese / English
Genre: Pop
Artist: Male Group

Download [HERE]

Brand new japanese music video of BIG BANG ! "Let Me Hear Your Voice" (KOE WO KIKASETE / 声をきかせて) is the opening of the japanese drama Ohitorisama and the song was composed by Teddy Park. The single will be out on 4th november, who is also TOP's birthday =D I really like the song. It's a nice beat and no auto-tune, that's a really good point. I love Dae Sung and Tae Yang's parts. These two really killed the song I laughed so hard at the Tae yang running scene xD LOL ♥ Oh, and it's good to see and hear Dae Sung ! I missed him x_x. I like the music video, but there is this boyband feel. I don't like those fake sad expressions, and TOP is like he's modeling in this mv -_-. And i'm wondering why GD & TOP always rap in english... their japanese rapping is good, I liked it in "MY HEAVEN". But I Think GD's english improved a lot. Anyway, the rap part of this song is great =). ENJOY !


chloe_e said...

so glad you're back :)

mslovelylia said...

Thanks Chloe_e.
I'm glad to be back as well.. =D

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