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Thursday, November 5, 2009


those of you coming onto the blog at the moment, may experience some difficulties. I'm currently working on a new layout for the blog. And may be moving things around. If you like, come back possibly tomorrow. There won't be any new posts for the time being, because I will be working on the layout. Thanks Everyone!!

(UPDATE) I think I'm pretty much done with the layout for now. I'm trying my best to update the blog to something much more fun-ner! But for now, I'll leave everthing as is. My blogshop is not opened yet. Nothing is on the blogshop for now. I will work on the blogshop for now. But will be back tomorrow for postings and to share goodies with you all.

Any comments on how you guys like the layout or what you guys want added onto here, plz comment below. I've also decided to give a random giveaway (possibly to honor Liloshootingstar's 1 Year- sometime this month) maybe to one of my lucky follower/commenters/ or those who've I've known to be checking back onto this blog. Thanks for being here.



Anonymous said...

I love the new lokk of the blog! Great job! Iąm waiting for new updates ^^

Anonymous said...

beautiful layout!

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