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Monday, January 25, 2010

bad news....

News for everyone!!

I have decided to stop blogging on liloshootingstar.blogspot.

I've been really busy with my Handmade Jewelry Shop, and I've been trying to do some main post on my personal blog but its not happening..I was so eager to make a blog to share with you..But within one year, I've only had 20+ Followers.

Blog isn't going so well, eh? Anyhow, Here are some listed references to my many great friends!

Great friends with great post for Music, OSTs, and Performances.

Lets all have a better year, stay safe, and thanks to you all that have been here and supported this blog.




Anonymous said...

ah you were doing such a good job too =[

L Linn~ said...

ye, we were love your post :(

윤희afterschoolfan said...

wow. you have 20 followers, i only have 5 followers...
that's my blog:)

Vi said...

20 KNOWN followers. follows without an account

Anonymous said...

it really is not how many followers you get but the joy you get from posting. I found your blog by accident and I loves what you've done here. It's sad that I found it a bit too late. You now have 21 followers if that makes any different ^_^

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