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Friday, December 19, 2008

[ALBUM] Kassie Lee - Phooj Ywj

First Hmong Music DL!!!
-Yeap, this is the first hmong upload for my blog! I stole this from my sister who got it from a friend online,and just thought, "hey, why not spread the love and share?!" So this is for SHARING with you all. But, please do support the artist and do try to buy their album whenever or where-ever you see it. I know that for most Hmong Music, some may not be able to travel around the world to spread their love for music. I know, because most hmong artists are from California and I'm from the mid-west. So you see where i mean. I haven't heard of this artist before. But knowing my sister, she'll be the first to listen to new hmong music.
-Anyways, enjoy this album. For those that have heard of JJen, they are almost Alike!

--Review: Listen to 14 Xyoos. Her lyrics are almost like JJen. Its albout a 14 year old girl whose pregnant...and then there goes the story.

[ALBUM] Kassie Lee - Phooj Ywj
Release: (not sure)
Language: Hmong
Genre: RnB/Pop
Artist: Female

Download [HERE]

1. 14 Xyoos
2. I Lost You
3. Meet Me Halfway
4. Mistake Loving You
5. Niam thaib Txiv
6. Ntuj No
7. Tsaus Ntuj
8. Tu Kiag Mu

[I noticed some songs are missing, but however i'll c if i can find them online, and then i'll do a repost.]


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