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Friday, December 19, 2008

I've got a new Love!!

Ahah, so i just got back from shopping at Express, and brought a cute pair of earrings. I mean, i'm not all into fashion and jewelry but i actually brought a pair or earrings!! Most of the time i don't even wear any. And my boyfriend actually wears earrings most of the time. So you can probably say we got out roles switched around. Ahahaha. Aniways i guess its a new thing to try out. I mainly was used to those little small earrings but i guess it doesn't hurt to try something new. Ahahh.. and sadly, i may not even have time to do uploading on this blog much anymore. My personal new year revolution is---to lost weight. I dunno, how i ended up having all these extra pounds on me! I mean, i don't eat much. I guess its all because i work, and then get so tired, go to sleep, that my metabolism just went straigh-downhill. Its so gay! I can't believe i got this big. But however, i'mma lose it all. And then i'll post up the new me here...just my bf wait. aniways, enjoy the uploads i have today.
c you all tomorrow!!


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