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Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Evening all!! =D

Okay, I'm definitely back. My weekend was okay. I enjoyed the Hmong New Year. Just so tired from it though. Although, I didn't go to the party, me and my bf just went and did some x-mas shopping. Of course, christmas isn't that far away. Its unbelievable but by the time you know it, its here.. =D
Aniways, i posted up:
-some more chinese osts
-some digital albums and albums
-recaptures of the 23rd Golden Disk Awards(Korean)
-Wang Lee Hom's Newest MV- Heartbeat [you've gotta watch it!!]
-Jay Chou's MVs from his Capricorn Album

And I think that is it. However I posted almost 3 pages today.
Besides, I can't think of anything else and am tired of uploading already. And yes, I know that i need to post up more about taiwanese artists here, since i realli haven't but have alot on korean artists. =]
BTW, i administrated/changed the blog to be a bit better than it was before. So this way, it'll be much easier for everyone. I know that when i started back in Nov, i disabled the commenting, and made it only registered users. But now, everyone can comment, leave feedbacks, leave their opinions, and can even enjoy the blog a bit more.
I even put a song up on the blog. Of kourse, i know that putting a song on the blog can be a bit annoying everytime you click on a page. But hey, it'll put your mood in a better place. rite?
Wlps, I guess this is it for today. Besides that, enjoy your stay.

♥ mslovelylia


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