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Monday, December 15, 2008

[MV] Jay Chou - from the Capricorn Album

--Below is Jay Chou's MVs from his Capricorn Album. Except for Green Vase, i posted that one up b-cuz its one of my faves along with White Snow like hair. Enjoy these MVs. =D

[MV] Jay Chou - Qing Hua Ci (Green Vase)

[MV] Jay Chou - Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian

[MV] Jay Chou - Shi Guang Ji

[MV] Jay Chou - Fragrant Rice (Dao Xiang)

[MV] Jay Chou - Mo Shu Xian Sheng

[MV] Jay Chou - Qiao Ke Shu Shu

[MV] Jay Chou- Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne

[MV] Jay Chou - Lan Hou Ting

[MV] Jay Chou - Dragon Knight

[MV] Jay Chou - Snake Dance


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