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Saturday, March 21, 2009

[MINI ALBUM] Davichi - Davichi in Wonderland

[MINI ALBUM] Davichi - Davichi in Wonderland

Release Date: February 27, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Ballad
Artist: Female Group

Download [HERE]

I guess i forgot to upload this!! So here you go, for those who were looking for it. Its a really good mini album, so i recommend it to all of you who hasn't heard of them. =D

01 8282
02 사고쳤어요 (Sagochyeosseoyo)
03 My Man
04 사랑이 우습니 (Sarangi Ooseumni)
05 오르골 (Oreugor)
06 Crazy Woman - Davichi (Lee Hae Ri) - feat. Seeya (Kim Yeon Ji) & Lee Jung Min


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