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Sunday, July 5, 2009

[ALBUM] Wilber Pan - 007

[ALBUM] Wilber Pan - 007

Released Date: May 29, 2009
Language: Mandarin
Genre: RnB / Pop
Artist: Male

Download [HERE]

Wilber Pan Wei Bo has followed Jolin Tsai to become a secret agent in his new album, 007, by taking the role of Agent W [vs Agent J]. This album contains 11 tracks including the duet with Akon in Be With You, a bilingual song much like in Hate That I Love You between Hins Cheung and Rihanna. Although Akon is really a big name in R&B, he still can’t save this song as Wilber Pan Wei Bo really messed up with some rapping parts in Be With You. As I haven’t listen to 007 yet, I hope the other songs are good enough to save our Agent W this time....

01. Shuang Ren Wu / 双人舞
02. Xian Liang Fa Xing / 限量发行
03. Wu Zhong Li / 无重力
04. Be With You - Feat. Akon
05. Ai De Ge / 爱的歌
06. Ji Wu Chu Zu / 寂屋出租
07. Zi Wo Yi Shi / 自我意识
08. Qin Ai De / 亲爱的
09. Everytime’s Goodtime
10. Zen Me Zhe / 怎么着
11. Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye


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