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Sunday, July 5, 2009

[PV] Ariel Lin - Fireflies (Starring Super Junior's Shiwon and Donghae)

[PV] Ariel Lin - Fireflies (Starring Super Junior's Shiwon and Donghae)

Language: Chinese
Genre: Pop
Artist: Female

Download [HERE]

OMO, I like her PV. Its cute and then...a bit sad. Ariel and Donghae are driving to the bus station. While doing so, Donghae is singing a song from Suju's mini album (guess which one?!) and then (i assume) he says its her turn, and she starts singing 'Sorry, Sorry' and they both cracks up...Donghae picks up Siwon and they give a man to man hug, and (i assume) Donghae wants to introduce his Taiwanese GF to Siwon, but unfortuately....its awkward. Siwon and Ariel used to be together. Then flashes of the past shows that Siwon had left Ariel all alone. He probably went back to Korea, because you can see in the mv, his passport on the bed. And sadly Ariel is heartbroken..she keeps looking at the wall of memories of her and Siwon. Then one day she goes peeping into either Siwon's house or her own (not sure) and Donghae shows up. I believe this is how she mended her loneliness and how she managed to move on without Siwon. So it seems that this song is about mended brokenhearts and happiness...So Siwon sees their love for one another and noticed that his friend and ex are happy with one another and gives them their blessing...the ending is this;

(Donghae)"werent you here to find your girlfriend?"
(Siwon)"i found her.. but i can never see her again.
......meeting someone is happiness...when or where you meet someone no matter what the results are......that is all happiness."

Lucky Ariel!! But watever she's a pretty taiwan girl.

Album will be up soon!!


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