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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Gosh That was intense work!! I Mean so many posts and so many mistakes here and there... I took too long of a vacation huh? ehehe...anyways! I have about 2 full Pages of Posts and Goodies for everyone. Please do leave comments and if there are some (mistakes; Links are wrong) please let me know. I tried making sure that everything was put nicely together and everything was organized for you. I will be back tomorrow. PROMISE!To do more uploads and posts. I have yet to upload, 2PM's singles, Big Bang's Single from the IRIS Ost. And more!!
So do have fun checking out the new (old) things...I took alot of effort and work sitting at my laptop trying to get everything on here. But unfortunately not all..



PS. There will be delays regarding my jewelry blogshop. I still have to get things together. I'm hoping maybe the end of the month or even after thanksgiving. So in case you all want to order them as gifts or so for Christmas. I do apologize. =[

This is my Starlight Flower Earrings.
I'm hoping to have more photos up soon! =]


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