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Monday, November 9, 2009

[MINI ALBUM + MV + Comeback Stage] U-Kiss - Conti Ukiss

[MINI ALBUM] U-Kiss - Conti Ukiss

Release Date: November 6, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance
Artist: Male Group

Download [HERE]

U-Kiss ya'll!! LOL =P...they guys are back and with a more maniler/marture look...and a new member as well!! so yea, now there's 7 of them...anyways, the title song is pretty catchy, along with the dance...Brave Brothers produced it and is also featured in it (i believe that's him singing the "man man ha ni" part) also sounds like his song "Invisible" at least people can't say that it's plagiarized because bothe songs were produced by the same guy!! LOL...but yea, the guys are grown now!! =P...and don't you just love the name of the mini album?? xD =P

oh and don't worry, these are non corrupted...hehe...had to wait awhile till there was a good copy out... =D

01 Intro
02 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni)
03 O.K. (오케이)
04 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni) (MR)


[MV] U-Kiss - Man Man Ha Ni

Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance
Artist: Male Group

the guys totally did a 180 with their looks yea?? hehe...but not a bad thing at all...tho turning blond seems to be the thing there since Kevin and Eli are blonde now... =\ ...and also, guyliner...all the guys seem to be wearing it nowadays too... >__< ...but besides that, everyone looks good in the video...the maknae, Dong Ho, gets more spotlight this time around...he's up front and center most of the time...hehe...they don't really show the new member, Ki Seop, a lot tho...he's handsome tho!! and Kibum is looking and sounding just like his hyung...for real tho...LOL...anyways, great MV... =D Download [HERE]


[PERF] U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni (M!Countdown - Nov. 5, 2009)

Download [HERE]


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