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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Posts!! uh-DUH!!

So yeah, I'm currently multi-tasking at the moment! I've got files transferring to my phone.. (Yes, I got a new cell phone over the weekends, and i'mma fill it with tons of goodies, music videos, songs, ect!)..files being converted to mp4 files, uploading goodies onto mediafire, making ringtones with Myxer, typing this post so that you all get the message!
I'll be back tomorrow with After School's Newest Single + PV, and T-ara's Newest Full Length Album + the 3 PVs!! So be back tomorrow!!

BTW, how was turkey day? Mines was good!! I had lots of food! Not to mention turkey!! Anyways I never got the chance to go watch Ninja Assasin.. I feel disappointed in myself...I wanted to support him in his first main role in Hollywood.. I did hear that the movie was kick-butt and its ranking in 6th, New Moon ranking 1st. I really hope to watch it soon. Before it goes onto the budget.
Well I'm currently busy trying to make christmas shopping done soon. But i'm guessing its going to take a while. Still don't know what to get the Bf! What to do!!


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